Our fathers ruined the country, they should have killed these miscreants

My day has been pleasant so far and nothing seems unusual, I got late to work normally and as often as I used to. Walked in majestically like the most valued staff that I am. The latest and ever-ongoing project is the work of my mind, healing, becoming present, self-love, and manifesting fifty-two thousand dollars $52,000 every quarter of each by trading forex currencies and indices in the financial market.

The previous day, I took the day off from work so as to go see the love of my life (LOML). I should have known better than that is only a facade for those not confronted with real-life issues. It was a meeting to decide whether we breaking up or not; what a big risk of energy that was, spending borrowed money for sake of assumed love, and what a real-life issue I am engaged with.

Thankfully today has brought to my sanity the real people and what it means to live where I am from. Work at the office was mundane as always for civil servants who just get by the automated life of the government job, the regular hypocrites, I am no exception; only thankful that I am becoming aware of the people and the thoughts around me. I have come to know that more educated people are on the streets and are most times regarded with several classifications of low-life.

Today is one of those days where my crack-head-like personality was humbled by a real talk from a stranger, humbled and lectured so much that I was more willing to give out my last penny compared to when I was anticipating seeing LOML.

Sample of what I am talking about

This is how the short life story and lesson started;

I went to refill the cooking gas and upon coming back I boarded this tricycle popularly called “Keke marrowa”. I had to sit in front beside the driver because the back seat for three people was occupied. Unknowingly for the driver, I wasn’t completely boarded on the tricycle because I had one of my legs hanging out slightly.

So I stared him down giving him that are you nut? are you gonna kill me face? The stare-down made him start talking and apologizing. Although the whole drama was only a pretense and me in my crack-head-like attitude. He looks much or less my age mate but I guess customers are always right so he accorded me as an Older pal. That was it, we got friendly and he asked me where I was headed; playfully I said the future and wherever he is headed.

We both laughed over it knowing well that the country’s economic situation was the reason for altering that statement. Almost every youth wants to Japa(runaway) he said; I don’t mind any means leaving the country as long there atom of possibility in it, he narrated his life story and that made me numb, left the humor out of the tricycle.

At the age of twenty (20) he left his province in search of greener pastures to another state where he has no single relatives, both parents are gone and he had only himself, his mind was made up that its either a mosque or church he was going sleep until he finds his foot. I mean what an audacity of determination to commit oneself totally to the unknown. He got some cash working as a laborer on different sites and left for work every morning immediately after the morning prayer of the mosque he fortunately, resides in.

He came back to pursue his schooling at a Polytechnic but couldn’t complete it because you already know, finances. But he talked proudly and confidently as an educated person and mentioned school is a pure scam. He told me that prior to him dropping out he never believed anyone with an education and certificate will be poor but little did he know. Now he is wiser and his mind liberated from reality than ever. He still hopes for a bright future, but right now, he is scared to get involved in any sexual relationship as much as the urge intensifies and has become incessant. His fear is how to feed another mount when he has not even feed himself.

Our fathers ruined this country, they should have killed those miscreants, he said imagine, suppose the age mates of these miscreants calling themselves politicians became aware, stood strong, and were intelligent enough to revolt against the initial era of this suffering, imagine the youths were liberated enough to join Fela Anikulapo, the political prophet on the cause of fighting off this modern-day slavery maybe the country wouldn’t be this terrible and social welfare wouldn’t be this poignant.

At this point, I was close to my destination, not the future but a reality check of my privileged life, and I had nothing to give than gratitude for my situation, it gave me some sort of peace of my and a better perspective on how to live and what should be priority although we are on different journeys but another man’s story can help accelerate and ginger you to utilize your available privileges.

He told me that after all this hustle and bustle since about 5 am he has not made money for himself because he has to pay taxes/dues to the hooligans government allowed on the streets and moreover the tricycle is on hire-purchase therefore a daily commission returns to his boss.

I was legit touched, all I could afford was to pay him double the transport fare, and still in the situation he was joyous of the bare minimum amount I tipped him.

In my mind the best I did was ignite the hope by making it my last statement that he will blow, he earlier said that he still tries to diversify and not put all eggs in one basket, he sings and he gathers money for studio sessions with much begging of the producer and steadfast belief that he will reach stardom.

I told him “keep it in your mind and do not lose the hope, you will blow”

Considering the willpower I could feel and the positive energy radiating from him I believe someday I will see him again, it will be on the television in a music video I hope.



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